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What is DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch, which refers to the small ink dots that come on paper during the printing process. The amount of these ink dots in one inch of paper is the number you get for your DPI. These little dots are important because they determine the quality of how well your file will print.


You may ask, what is recommended for printing? We recommend that you set up your files with 300 DPI to ensure that your files print clearly without pixelation. To review the outcome of your design, or photo quality, you can always request a free hard copy proof with any order on the checkout page. Learn more about our free proofing options and process here.

How do I know what my design DPI is?

Finding out what the DPI of your image is can seem like a difficult task but sometimes is actually quite easy! If you are using a Mac computer, simply open up a JPEG file in Preview > Tools > Show Inspector. To resize on a Mac open the image or file in Preview > Tools > Adjust Size.

If you are working in Windows, locate a JPEG file and right-click, select Properties > Details > then scroll down to find the DPI information located under Image.

Questions? Contact the experts.

Contact our Customer Service Team at with any file setup questions.

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