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Understanding Flip Styles when Printing with CatPrint

If you have been a long-time customer at CatPrint— or if you're a new customer, you might have noticed the option to choose your flip style. We know flip styles can be confusing at times, and we are hoping these tips and examples will help make the ordering process less confusing!

Why is flip style important?

The Flip Style option is important whenever you have a 2-sided print and you want the text to be right side up on the back when turned over from side to side— or if you're printing a greeting card and you want the text to be legible when the card is opened.

When should you use “Flip Left To Right?”

The “Flip Left To Right” option should be used in most cases, like a postcard or invite, and our order process automatically defaults to this choice. Below is an example of a “Flip Left To Right” business card design:

When should you use “Flip Top To Bottom?”

Sometimes you may need your card to flip top to bottom like a card on a Rolodex, or a calendar. View this example of a “Flip Top To Bottom” of a stapled booklet calendar design:

Not to worry...

Our team understands that even with these helpful tips and examples, flip styles can still be confusing, so before any job is sent to our Production Team for printing, it is reviewed for setup concerns, including proper flip style!

Questions? Contact the experts.

Contact our Customer Service Team at or 877-228-7768 with any flip style or order process questions.

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