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The Secret of Blind Shipping

Whether you are a wedding invitation designer or an illustration artist, CatPrint wants to help you grow your business! Here is a secret for you if you are a business owner who sells your prints online– CatPrint offers free blind shipping services!

What is blind shipping?

Blind shipping simply means that when you order prints from CatPrint, the package is shipped from our Production facility to make it seem as though it came directly from you. This means that there is no information about CatPrint whatsoever on the package, whether it is the return address on the shipping label or the packaging slip inside the package.

What will the return address be?

The return address will be your provided billing address. So, make sure that your billing address is correct in case a customer wants to return a package to you!

How does blind shipping benefit me and my business?

Blind shipping gets rid of that extra step of having to have the package delivered to you. This means that you do not have to order your prints from CatPrint, have it delivered to you, and then repackage and reship them to your customer.

We also offer expedited shipping! This means that your clients are able to receive their prints when they need them. You are provided with the tracking information for your orders as soon as the orders are shipped.

All while still getting the same high-quality prints that you know from CatPrint!

What is a packaging slip?

CatPrint has a variety of different types of packaging slips. The first type of packaging slip is our standard CatPrint branded packaging slip that you always see in your packages! This type of packaging slip has CatPrint’s logo and company information, which includes how to contact our Customer Service Team with any questions or concerns regarding your order.

The second is the packaging slip that CatPrint uses for blind shipping which includes details about our packaging materials being environmentally friendly. The blind shipping packaging slip does not have any information regarding CatPrint.

Lastly, we offer a customized packaging slip for each CatPrint account. This can be activated per order when blind shipping is selected and is completely free!

How do I customize my packaging slip for blind shipping orders?

We will use our custom software to program your account so that your custom packaging slip will be used when you select blind ship on an order. Download a template to create your own custom packaging slip here! Then contact our Customer Service Team at to link your packaging slip design to your account.

How much does a custom packaging slip cost?

NOTHING! A custom packaging slip does not cost anything to you! It is a free service provided by CatPrint.

What if I don’t want to customize my packaging slip for my blind ship orders?

That is perfectly fine! If you choose not to design a custom packaging slip, we will continue to use our standard blind ship design!

What am I allowed to add to my custom packaging slip?

As you see above in the example for Colleen’s Crafts & Things, you can add whatever you want to your custom packaging slip. Remember, these blind shipped orders are going to your customers! We recommend including your company logo, a thank you message, contact information, upcoming promotions, social media handles, or anything else that is important to your business!

Questions? Contact the experts.

As always, you can contact our Customer Service Team at or call us 877-228-7768 with any questions.


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