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How variable data printing makes your life easier!

Variable data printing means you have the same basic design, but wish to add a unique element to each print, for example, an address or number. Some common examples used for variable data printing are business cards, event place cards, postcards, promotional items with discount codes– and of course, envelopes!

For example, if you want to print envelopes to send out your holiday cards and you want the same return address, but a different recipient address, then variable data printing may be right for you! Learn more about envelope printing and the cost of printed envelopes.

Printed Envelopes

How can variable data printing help me?

Variable data printing will save you time, so much time! In the case of variable data printing envelopes, it will take away all of the pain involved in the repetitive handwriting of addresses.

Can CatPrint set up my variable data file for me?

Yes! CatPrint can set up your variable data file for a $25 fee.

What does CatPrint need from me to help me set up my variable data files?

All we need is a formatted spreadsheet, the name of the font(s) you wish to use, as well as the text color and size! For available fonts, please see our font list here. If you want to use a font that is not on our list, we just ask that you include the font files you wish to use as email attachments.

How do I set up my spreadsheet?

See the following for an example of how to properly set up your spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet Examples

Questions? Contact the experts.

Contact our Customer Service Team at with any variable data printing or file set up questions.



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