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All About Free Proofs

CatPrint offers free online proofs and hard copy proofs. For those who are not familiar with these options, we want to explain the CatPrint process and how our proofing options can benefit you. Do you want to learn all about free proofs? Read below:

Online Proofs

What are online proofs and how does it benefit me?

Online proofs are our way to let you check your file layout before it goes to print! This way, you can check for grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors and get them fixed as soon as possible. The online proof that we send you will also show you where your print job will be trimmed with crop marks, so you will have an idea of what the end product will look like, conveniently on your screen!

How do I request an online proof?

To receive an online proof, you'll need to make sure to select the online proof option from the drop-down menu under Delivery Details.

When to not get an online proof?

An online proof would not be suggested if you are concerned with the color outcome, photo quality, or finishing options. With digital printing, there can be color variance from screen to print. An online proof also does not show any finishing options either, such as folding, foil finishing, corner rounding, etc.

When will I receive my online proof?

You will receive your online proof via email within one business day (or less) of finalizing your order with print-ready files and payment!

Hard Copy Proofs

What are hard copy proofs and how do they benefit me?

Hard copy proofs are recommended for when you want to see how your prints will look in person before receiving your full order. This will benefit you because your full order will not have been printed yet, so you will have time to make any updates you'd like before approving the full order for printing, such as the paper type, quantity, files, etc.

How do I request a hard copy proof?

To receive a free hard copy proof, you'll need to make sure to select that option from the drop-down menu under Delivery Details. Please note, we have an expedited hard copy proof available for $40 as well.

How many free hard copies can I get with my order?

You can receive a free hard copy proof with any order. Any additional proofs after the first complimentary set are $10 and must be requested via email through our Customer Service Team.

When will I receive my Hard Copy Proof?

Our free hard copy proofs take an estimated 5-7 business days to arrive once the order is placed.

General Proof Questions

How does the process for proofs work?

Free proofing options are available with any order. You will find these options on the Checkout page. Payment must be provided before any proof begins processing. By selecting “Pay Later” at checkout, your proofs will not begin processing.

Once your proof is received, you may approve the order online, email in changes to, or request to cancel for a full refund. Order delivery dates cannot be determined until your proof is approved.

What do I want to check for when I request a proof?

We recommend opting for an online proof to test the following:

  • Spelling Errors

  • Grammar and Punctuation

  • Cut lines

We recommend opting for a hard copy proof to test the following:

  • Color Outcome

  • Photo Clarity

  • Paper Selection

  • Finishing

  • Layout

Questions? Contact the experts.

If you have questions about our proof options, you can visit our help page or contact our Customer Service Team at for additional support.

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