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Printing Wide Format and Giclée Posters

Did you know that CatPrint offers archival quality giclée printing?

You might ask: What is giclée printing? How do I set up files for a giclée job? What is a wide-format job? How do I set up a wide-format or giclée job through the CatPrint site?

The answers to all of those questions are below!


What is giclée printing?

Put simply, Giclée printing refers to fade-resistant, pigment-based, archival-quality, inkjet printing. This type of printing is commonly used for digital art prints and high-quality reproductions of traditional art.

What are the file requirements?

Just like with our toner-based digital printing, your file needs to be at least 300 DPI. You need to provide a JPG, PDF, TIFF, or PNG file created in CMYK color format. Additionally, the file dimensions must match the print dimensions, including bleed if needed. For example, if you are printing a 24”x36” poster, your files must be 24”x36” for no bleed, or 24.25"x36.25" for full bleed. Learn more about full bleed setup here.

What is considered a wide-format order?

Any print larger than 12"x18" is considered a wide-format poster by CatPrint’s standards. They must be printed on either our Luster Gloss Poster Paper, Uncoated Poster Paper, or Art Quality Poster Canvas which can be selected from the paper selection menu on the Order Builder page. The widest print our poster printer can produce is 44” wide and 100' long, so be sure to keep that in mind when designing your files.

How do I set up a giclée order?

If you want your job to be printed on one of our poster papers, simply select the Luster Gloss Poster Paper, Uncoated Poster Paper, or Art Quality Poster Canvas from the paper menu on the Order Builder page. Afterward, you can fill in the rest of your print job specifications.

Please note that you do not have to print larger than 12”x18” to use the poster paper options; we do offer to print smaller sizes as well! However, please keep in mind that the poster papers offered can only be printed on one side.

Questions? Contact the experts.

For additional questions on printing wide-format and giclée posters, contact our Customer Service Team at or call us at 877-228-7768.

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