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Make the Most of Cyber Week

How to make the most of our Cyber Week deals?

What started as a one-day online shopping event has now expanded into a week-long celebration of savings. Cyber Week is dynamic, and being flexible with your shopping schedule can lead to unexpected savings. See below for our best tips for CatPrint's upcoming Cyber Week:

The Cyber Week Sale, November 27-December 1, 2023

Follow CatPrint's social media accounts.

We release our discount codes to our followers early on Facebook, Instagram, and X, giving you an extra edge in securing the deals first!

Sign up for our newsletters.

Our discount codes and details will also be announced daily via email in case you miss our social media posts. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter in our footer here.

Have your files ready.

When using our Cyber Week discounts, we require all orders to have print-ready files included. So get working on your files now– and be sure to ask our Customer Service Team any questions you have about setup or layout ahead of time, to avoid missing out on any discounts!

Set up a Saved Draft within your account.

If you have your order details ready early, you can set everything up as a Saved Draft within your account so that once the Cyber Week discounts are announced, you simply enter the discount code and select checkout! This option is on the bottom, to the left of the checkout button.

Pre-order paper samples.

Still not sure what paper to choose? We offer free paper samples so you can feel the paper in your hands before ordering. You can do so here, but hurry!

Questions? Contact the experts.

For additional Cyber Week questions, contact our Customer Service Team at or call us at 877-228-7768.

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